Full Turf Renovation

Sometimes a lawn is struggling with more than just a couple of thinned out areas, bare spots, or weeds. If your lawn has multiple areas that require renovation, or has been plagued by fungal pathogens, then a Full Turf Renovation may be the best enhancement service for you.

A Full Turf Renovation takes an even more aggressive and comprehensive approach to restoring your turf. It involves the professional application of a broad-spectrum product to fully eradicate weeds and diseased turf. This service also includes a De-thatching treatment to help balance the soil pH levels and decompose what’s left of the unhealthy turf, all while incorporating organic microbes for optimal nutrient availability. Then we’ll perform a Double Core Aeration service to loosen soil and apply quality, blended, and disease-resistant grass seed designed for specific areas of your landscape. Your new grass seed will also be fertilized with root-stimulating fertilizer to encourage accelerated germination, strong rooting, and growth.

In order to help nurture your new lawn and promote its healthy growth, this service also includes return visits for turf weed control treatments and nutrient applications. As you regain a healthy lawn, you’ll be proud to see the value of your property restored.


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