Lawn De-thatching & Soil Conditioner

While thatch isn’t always easy to spot, it can wreak havoc on your lawn when left unaddressed. Thatch is an area of the lawn made up of dead and living stems that can build up between the surface of the soil and the bottom of grass blades. When found in excess, thatch can increase the likelihood of pest problems and make your lawn more prone to turf disease. That’s because a build-up of thatch can starve your lawn of moisture and air by acting as a tough barrier to break through.

This is where lawn de-thatching & soil conditioner can play a vital role.

Utilizing a specialized organic solution—which is rich in microbes and bacteria that help balance soil pH—thatch is aggressively decomposed in turf areas for up to 3 months. This results in increased resistance to fungal diseases and soil pests while also providing your lawn with excellent nutrition to help it thrive.

This method provides superior results over mechanical dethatching, which has been known to cause significant turf damage. That’s because a mechanical dethatcher will not only pull up unwanted thatch but healthy grass as well.

Our Lawn Dethatching & Soil Conditioner service will give you peace of mind that your thatch problems are addressed without any collateral damage to your healthy lawn.

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