Plant Health Care Nutrition Treatment

Your plants are a valuable aspect of your landscape. But in order to help them continue to look and perform their best, they may require a little bit of extra care.

Our Plant Health Care Nutrition Treatment is a great way to care for you plants and trees if you aren’t ready to commit to our Tree and Shrub Health Protection & Enhancement Program. This treatment will give your plants what they need to perform better and resist problems such as disease and pests. It includes a spring slow release Nutrient treatment to provide your plants with food when needed for optimal bloom time and flower output. The program also includes routine inspections of your plant material for disease, insect pressure, and nutrient deficiencies to catch potential problems before they become serious and cause damage.

Spring treatments for evergreen health, color, and drought tolerance will also help maintain the landscape while immature plants, shrubs, and trees will benefit with added growth.

With our Plant Health Care Nutrition Treatment, you can relax knowing that your plants are receiving the proper care and will continue to add value to your landscape as a result.

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