Signature Elite Package

Welsh PHC Signature Elite Package Starting at $367.00 Monthly

Includes Premium Package

  • Lawn / Turf Nutrients & Weed prevention Program.
  • Shrub / Flower Bed Weed Prevention Program.
  • Curb line & Flatwork Weed Prevention.
  • Full inspections for turf and tree disease.
  • Inspection for Structural and Landscape Pests.
  • Routine Quality Control inspections.
  • Structural Pest Control Program (Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Boxelder bugs, etc)
  • Tree and Shrub Health Protection & Enhancement Program


  • Customized to enhance aesthetics and accelerate value.
  • Preferred Pricing on enhancement and curative treatments.
  • Extensive Plant Health monitoring and quality control inspections.
  • Knowledgeable recommendations for increased return on investment.

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