The Welsh Difference

Most business owners and companies pride themselves on being big, having several employees, and “additional resources.” At one time, I also had a full-service maintenance company focused on doing everything for everyone. I quickly figured out that I lost the ability to give that tailored touch which delivered that extra 10% “top shelf” quality that my customers love.

As a father and husband, nothing is as important to me as my family and with as busy as life can get, I know how important it is to make the time to spend with them. Most families enjoy the majority of their time in their homes. If your family is anything like mine, we spend a lot of time in our back yard or on our patio. My children will spend hours playing outside.

My goal is to help other families create their personal outdoor spaces that are functional and look great for years to come. I customize my approach to every landscape in order to provide the specific solution that each property needs. This is a service that cannot be duplicated by those companies that are trying to get on and off your property in a few minutes, spreading the exact same treatment to every house.

Please take a few moments to review the properties and pictures below to see how my custom approach improved the aesthetic appeal AND overall HEALTH of the property.

Upside Down

I was invited to this property late in the spring. I could tell the potential client had reservations on whether we were just another roll of the dice in the quest for improvement on the overall health of their property. After arriving and doing a thorough walk through with the owners, I gently let them know that the overall landscape health was not terrible, but definitely needed some improvement. The soil contained large portions of clay; the sod was infected with fungus, and riddled with bentgrass. I knew after hearing their stories of companies coming and going, promising the world every year, and later being let down as the seasons passed, this was going to be hard for them to hear, but it needed to be done. I told them “We basically need to clean the slate, start over with the lawn, and give the plant material and trees a good kick in the roots! Welsh PHC is going to turn the place upside down.” Reluctantly they agreed to the strategy I proposed. We came in and treated all the trees with Micro-Nutrients and preventative systemic, treated all of the plant material with a balanced meal, killed the entire lawn, returned and seeded the lawn with fungus resistant grass seed, and throughout the remaining months treated every weed that poked its head. This was a long process, but I couldn’t let them spend another dime on treatments that would ultimately lead to another unsolved problem and more frustration. Today, I love pulling up to this transformation, but even more so, I love hearing the compliments they receive on their thriving landscape.

The 180

You know what’s hard on new lawns … a hard snow pack, and dogs! This new client called in the spring after a good snow meltdown and was less than impressed with his new back yard. I knew the landscaper that installed the yard with a quality soil mix, but with the time frame between the sod being installed and the snow arriving, gave the indication its roots may have been less than prepared. After arriving and walking through the back gate it was clearly visible the snow-mold and dog damage had created a heavy mat of dead organic matter. I told him I could have it back in shape in a couple of weeks if we moved forward quickly with the solution of de-thatching soil conditioner and a strong shot of nutrients. The client was all in, but had his reservations about this minimalistic approach to what seemingly represented itself as a big problem. “Shouldn’t we power-rake, or re-seed the lawn?” he asked. “No, the damage from the power-rake will leave you with a lawn that is recovering for over a month and weeds will usually take hold in the bare areas. Trust me, it will be better than new!” I replied. Low and behold, a couple of weeks had gone by and the soil temps were just above 60 degrees which was perfect for microbe activity. The progress on this area was a complete 180deg, and the plants around it were happy as well!


Ghosted to Neglect

This is a story worth mentioning and is far too common in the industry, but also another reason why folks are reluctant to trust companies in the industry. “Lawn Care Ghosting” is a real problem and stems from laziness and the idea that doing mediocre work half-heartedly will be accepted by a client. I received a call in April and was invited to do a property walkthrough with this potential client. After arriving, I could tell the property owner had a substantial investment in the construction cost of her landscape, but was far from being cared for. The neglect was apparent even by slightest glance: the weeds covering the shrub and flower beds, the powdery mildew in the plants, mountain pine beetle in the large pine, the lawn was thin and full of necrotic ring, and the beautiful house was covered in wasp and hornet nests. She informed me she had a company last year taking care of the place, but they had ghosted her property several times over. I told her, “I can and will make you proud of this property again, but you get what you pay for and ghosting isn’t a part of our business vocabulary. As long as you are patient and give me a few months to address every problem, I will get you a solution with visible results.” She didn’t hesitate and was eager to get started on increasing the value of her neglected investment. In a few weeks, we were already making progress as we started with a custom mix of pre-emergence for the flower beds, then proceeded to put our custom blend of nutrients down for the plant material and turf. We applied systemic to the pine trees via a basal trunk treatment, and applied another custom solution for structural wasp and insect prevention. Within a few weeks, we had totally turned her world and landscape upside down and re-built her trust in the green industry by simply just following through on our word and treating the client and her property as we would want to be treated.


72 Hour Countdown

One of our very good clients was having a family reunion dinner at their property during the summer months. They told me the dates so I could make sure everything was in the best possible condition for their guests’ arrival. The property was looking great, but during a routine inspection, only a few days prior to guests arriving… bam!! Signs of necrotic ring began to poke its ugly head. Now, most lawns with a properly balanced nutrient plan and good drainage can combat this fungus without visible signs of damage, but this lawn was missing one of those key factors…drainage. Built on rock and clay, with only several inches of top soil, this property has always needed the extra attention of our Signature Package due to the fact the water has nowhere to go but sit. I knew I didn’t have time to get a proposal written up and wait for approval from these clients who work day in and day out. I sent a quick text with photos and gave them a heads up that treatment was the only option and I would treat them right if the results were acceptable. So I did what I do best, mixed up a custom solution on site and applied the treatment. Three days later I came back and took these photos during another check-up inspection. I walked the entire property and my clients both came out as I made sure everything was in order. They couldn’t believe the difference or the impressive turn around time. They received nothing but compliments from friends and family and were thankful I took the initiative to look after the well being of their investment. Another one of our many stories in the books.


The Relentless Rodent

Sometimes you feel like you just can’t win. After all, we are dealing with living plant material and properties built in natural habitats of a multitude of animals. We originally received this customer as a referral, because of a botched landscaping installation. After we had the place looking great and had remedied the issues and the cards we were dealt, the thought of being in the clear for a while was a cozy feeling. Unfortunately, after being under snow for several months, this client’s front and back yard were terribly brutalized by voles. In this area, there are a large number of homes being built, in turn disrupting the natural habitat of voles (field mice), who unfortunately find refuge in large rock retaining walls usually near a warmer foundation. This property had all of the above and the autumn before winter hit….the neighbors broke ground on their new home. I sent her the picture with the findings and gave here the remedies. I was a bit early as ground temps were still in the low 40s but I assured her as soon as we hit the 60-degree mark, she would have an amazing turn around time. We started with our de-thatching solution and also took over pest control since the other company wasn’t doing her any favors. We strategically placed our tamper-proof bait stations around the structure, under shrubs and buried in rock mulch, careful not to draw attention or take attention away from the house or the landscape. A couple of weeks later I returned and the difference was amazing! All the bare spots had filled in and the turf was soft as new carpet. My favorite part of this story is a month later after we had applied our custom nutrients treatment: my client told me she had received multiple compliments throughout the week as neighbors routinely walked by. One, in particular, had mistakenly made the assumption it was artificial turf. “Sorry sir, there’s nothing artificial about any of this.”


What will be your Welsh PHC before and after story?

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